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Starting in 2013, we are certified experts in information technology and business management - helping our clients get the most out of information technology.
The The questions we help our Clients find the right answers are: "The costs of information technology are growing, and the indicators are falling." There are many proposals for informatization, but who can justify them economically? Do not know where to cut IT costs without losing reliability? money in general is spent on information technology? "

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There are issues that do not require extensive surveys of your activities, but are common and have been repeatedly resolved by our Clients. .

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What We Offer

  • Our assessment of the current IT state is based on an objective analysis of all company's IT assets.
  • It reflects the real state of affairs and does not depend on the interests of producers, the wishes of interested parties.
  • All of our conclusions and statements are based on documents and information obtained while working with you.

The basis of our methodological apparatus is the System approach. Your business is seen as a system supported by information technology.

Four interrelated architectural aspects are considered in each project:

  • The architecture of functions and processes
  • Application Architecture
  • Data and Integration Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture

Throughout our work, we work closely with you to share knowledge: from you we get knowledge about the specific conditions of your business; from us you get new ideas and verified recommendations.


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